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1555312118-2521369790.png Link to the mod: https://ficsit.app/mod/CYKiwTGyi6cxTY

About the Mod

Join the war effort in a coordinated mobilization of industrial resources to support a space military force.

The purpose of the mod is to motivate yourself to make a Mega Factory and produce all the items as much as possible per minute.

Adds 100+ Milestones that gives you some decoration, parts, alternative recipes and buildings as rewards and more Inventory Space.

To use the benfits of this mod, you have to scroll on tier 0 on the HUB. You will see only one Milestone, and when you unlock it, the others will be slowly available.

Totals in this version:

  • +301 Milestones
  • +223 Automated Recipes
  • +180 Parts
  • +103 Prizes (28 of them WIP)
  • +8 Landmarks
  • +104 Usable Rewards
  • +91 Nodes (5 New Minable Node Type - 2 Fluids / 3 Solids)
  • +5 Engineer Logs (Storyline written by M.Frost)

If you wanna support us with donation : moresmilestone@gmail.com

or click on the link:

Link to Donation: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=Moremilestone100%40gmail.com&item_name=More+Milestones+%2B100+&currency_code=USD&source=url


  • New nodes: Villiaumite, Cobaltirite, Mud Water and Contaminated Oil
  • Alloy Foundry
  • Atmospheric Harvester
  • Big Industrial Storage Container
  • Big Industrial Storage Tank
  • Tall Stackable lookout tower
  • Domes
  • Toxic Extractor
  • Impurity Remover
  • Advanced Deep Drilling
  • The heating and filtering mysterious furnace
  • Toxin Reactor
  • Mk Rock Miner

and more...

This mod is big and adds several new things/buildings to the game, and includes a dependency on these others mods to a better experience.


  • +100 Milestone Complement 2 (Graphic / 3D Meshs Files)

Better with:

  • Decoration Mod (ability to Build Nature Decorations)
  • Upside Down Foundations (New kind of Foundations)
  • 3D Text (You can put letter boxes in you Factory - Plus Ficsit Logos)
  • PaintGunMK2 (Faster Paint Gun)
  • Wall Hole Conveyor and Floor Hole (More options on logistics)
  • Covered Conveyor (Decorative Conveyor Belts)
  • Double Cargo Wagon (Train MK2)
  • Fluid Sink and BigStorageTank (More Fluid Logistics)


Collaboration of AndreAquila with M.Frost

Thanks for testing, suggesting and motivate us: Kraigsta, viinamäen mies, bluerat, SharkieJr, Mrhid6, I'm_a_chicken29 and a lot of other players of this amazing game!

Train Tunnel Mesh made by Tom

Icon by Deantendo#4265 - https://discordapp.com/channels/555424930502541343/701160102077530213


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